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Through asset performance management, assurance, and validation BREEAM provides meaningful insights to enable smart decisions about the future of your assets.

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We believe that we can achieve net zero carbon and that the built environment can make a positive impact. BREEAM enables you to be more sustainable, backed by data and credible science.

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Drive commercial success

Using BREEAM can deliver better performing assets, increased asset value and can mitigate asset and reputational risk.

Build trust

This internationally recognised certification provides third-party assurance. It offers efficient data management and reliable data validation as well as asset, portfolio and market level benchmarking.

Deliver positive impact

We have assessment solutions for various sustainability goals, backed up by a credible scientific framework to inform decisions. It can also support with disclosures and reporting on international commitments and regulations.

The road to a greener future with BREEAM

greener future

The road to a greener future with BREEAM

“With over two million assets registered worldwide, BREEAM has helped thousands of businesses to assess and improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of their assets at every lifecycle stage.” - Gillian Charlesworth, CEO of BRE.

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The future of BREEAM

The future of BREEAM

BREEAM is the first building certification system developed by BRE over 30 years ago. In 1990, BRE launched BREEAM for Offices, as an environmental assessment for new build office developments in the UK. BREEAM has since evolved into an internationally recognised standard of sustainability, quality and value that can be applied across the entire building lifecycle, to all assets, anywhere in the world.

BREEAM’s credible scientific framework, outcome driven solutions and holistic and flexible approach to environmental assessment has led to a market share of over 80% for green building certification across Europe, and a fast-expanding reach in Asia and North America.

This growth has seen the BREEAM standards shape the face of built environment sustainability on an international stage, by pushing beyond best practice, driving innovation, creating positive impact, and showcasing success.

Whilst sustainability in the built environment has progressed significantly since 1990, from a ‘nice to have’ to a fundamental aspect of doing business, there is still work to be done. The accelerated race to net zero, social impact and equity, and the need for alignment with international requirements such as the EU taxonomy are just some of the factors driving an ever-changing market and the sustainability landscape.

Our assessment methods are also evolving. We respond to the developing needs of society, embrace new methods of measurement and use technology and data to drive efficient, reliable and scalable solutions.

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BREEAM assessment process

BREEAM assessment process

Assessing your assets to BREEAM is easy. With over 30 years’ experience in sustainability assessment and third-party accreditation, you can be confident in the BREEAM sustainability journey. Our BREEAM experts are available to support your journey at every step.

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BREEAM Platform coming soon

The BREEAM Platform is a user-friendly intuitive digital tool to revolutionise the capture and verification of environmental assessments. The platform will provide whole lifecycle assessment and certification across all built environment asset types to positively impact the future of the built environment, associated investments, and their impact on the planet. It will do this by capturing reliable and verified data into net zero carbon, disclosures and reporting, biodiversity, circularity & resilience, and health & social impact. The platform will be where your BREEAM assessments are undertaken. Through this process it will unlock valuable insights into asset performance management to constructors, developers, owners, operators, and investors.

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BREEAM Platform coming soon

Sustainability assessment across the entire built environment lifecycle

built environment lifecycle

Sustainability assessment across the entire built environment lifecycle

BREEAM provides consistent and comparable sustainability assessment and verification across all asset types. From brand new construction projects in the design phase, to refurbishment and fit-outs, BREEAM covers the entire built environment lifecycle.

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Become a BREEAM Professional

Become a BREEAM Professional

Demand for built environment sustainability assessment is growing 20% each year. We provide many training options for built environment professionals who are interested in sustainability.

SFL have experienced many benefits

SFL have experienced many benefits as a result of using BREEAM. Notably BREEAM’s internationally recognised certification helps to confirm our position as a leader in real estate.
– Eric Oudard, Technical and Development Director, Société Foncière Lyonnaise (SFL)