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BREEAM Infrastructure assessors and verifiers

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BREEAM Infrastructure is a self-assessment process carried out by a trained assessors and externally verified by appointed verifiers.

BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL)

BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL) assessors are at the centre of the BREEAM Infrastructure process, helping projects to consider sustainability at the most appropriate times. BREEAM Infrastructure verifiers help guide the assessor through the assessment process and provide third-party verification of the final rating.

Overview of assessors and verifiers

The BREEAM Infrastructure assessor drives the assessment process forward to ensure projects obtain the highest BREEAM Infrastructure rating possible.

BREEAM Infrastructure assessors assess the sustainability of infrastructure, civil engineering, landscaping, and public realm projects. The assessor influences the project team to consider sustainability issues at appropriate times. Under the guidance of the BREEAM Infrastructure verifier, the assessor is responsible for assessing the project and arriving at a rating

The BREEAM Infrastructure verifier guides the assessor and verifies the final assessment to ensure the rating is accurate.

BREEAM Infrastructure verifiers are independent from the project team. They provide impartial, third-party credibility to the final rating. The verifier acts as a guide and mentor to the assessor, helping them with any queries or issues. BREEAM Infrastructure verifiers are more experienced BREEAM Infrastructure users. They are selected from a pool of assessors who have completed at least one assessment, so that they can provide the best support possible to assessors.

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The role

BREEAM Infrastructure assessors

  • Take the lead in carrying out the assessment

  • Propose scoping and reach agreement with the verifier

  • Arrange the scoping and verification meetings

  • Collect the evidence and upload it to the online assessment platform

  • Inform the verifier that the assessment is ready for verification

  • Meet the verifier for the verification meeting

  • Respond to the verifier’s queries

  • Comply with the BREEAM Infrastructure Code of Conduct

BREEAM Infrastructure verifiers

  • Reach agreement with assessor about scope out

  • Mentor first-time assessors on their first assessment

  • Respond to the assessor’s queries about the BREEAM Infrastructure process during the assessment

  • Review and verify the completed assessment

  • Inform BREEAM Infrastructure that the verified assessment is ready for ratification

  • Act as an ambassador for BREEAM Infrastructure Ltd and comply with the BREEAM Infrastructure Code of Conduct

  • Keep up to date with scheme updates

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How to become an assessor or verifier

BREEAM Infrastructure assessor

BREEAM Infrastructure assessor training

A member of a project or contract team must attend our two-day BREEAM Infrastructure Assessor course, appropriate to the type of assessment to be undertaken (Projects or Term Contracts).

The assessor course provides the professional training necessary to enable participants to carry out BREEAM Infrastructure assessments. By successfully completing our assessor course and passing the assessment, participants will become certified BREEAM Infrastructure Assessors and receive a signed certificate.

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BREEAM Infrastructure verifier training

You need to be a trained assessor and have carried out at least one full formal verified BREEAM Infrastructure assessment. New verifiers are recruited by BREEAM Infrastructure – an open invitation is issued to all assessors who fit this profile. The process involves:

  • Submitting a written application

  • Attending a two-day training course

  • Successfully completing continual assessments and a 90-minute exam

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