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Meet the BREEAM USA team

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We have a US-based staff who support our USA clients and customers in the US real estate and construction sectors.

With over 100 years of raising standards in the built environment

With over 100 years of raising standards in the built environment, BRE’s multi-disciplinary teams work globally to provide science-led solutions to built environment problems.

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Breana Wheeler, Director of Operations USA

Breana Wheeler, Director of Operations – USA

Breana oversees the strategic direction of BRE in the USA and the market growth of the BREEAM family of standards. In addition to market development, she supports technical work on Resilience and Social Impact and developing these themes within all BREEAM standards globally.

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Allan Robles, Senior Consultant

Allan works closely with existing and future BREEAM USA clients to ensure their successful deployment and uptake of BREEAM. Additionally, he also informs the technical development of the BREEAM USA technical standards.

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Latest BREEAM USA news

Latest BREEAM USA news

Check out our news page to see the latest on BREEAM in the US.

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BREEAM USA certifications grow by nearly 160% in 2022

BREEAM USA certifications grow by nearly 160% in 2022

BREEAM USA experts on the pathway to carbon net zero in real estate

BREEAM solidified its U.S. presence by doubling certifications in 2021