Jin Mao Tower is first project in China to get BREEAM In-Use certified

Jin Mao Tower is first project in China to get BREEAM In-Use certified

A standout building in Shanghai, the Jin Mao Tower was the first project in China to be awarded BREEAM In-Use certification, earning a rating of Outstanding.


The Jin Mao Tower is a landmark building in Shanghai that set a new standard for sustainable development, consistent with the concept of BREEAM. Completed in 1999, the Jin Mao Tower stands at 420.5m high. Floors 3-50 of are office space, floors 51-52 are electromechanical equipment floors, floors 53-87 are a five-star hotel (with 555 rooms) and the 88th floor is for sightseeing. For continued green initiatives, the project was the first in China to be awarded BREAAM In-Use certification, achieving a rating of Outstanding.



The goal was this project was to construct a multi-functional skyscraper that combined classic Chinese style with Western architectural technology. It needed to be designed to accommodate modern office buildings, five-star hotels, convention centres, entertainment facilities and shopping malls.


The management of operations is not limited to the maintenance of basic equipment and facilities, but also focuses on the improvement and management of soft facilities. For the safety, health and comfort of users, the management team has a set of systematic maintenance terms and regulations, and has formed a management charter for implementation.

The management team are continually looking for ways of improving standards to boost the satisfaction of tenants. Adopting the BREEAM In-Use standards, the operations team prioritise the experience of the tenants. They gather feedback from questionnaires and surveys on indoor comfort and services, complaint handling processes and response times. They also document how they solve user problems through the BIU online system.

It’s important to point out that during the BIU certification process, the property management team found that it could carry out certain preventive work on facilities that may cause damage to users’ health. For example, in order to prevent the long-term accumulation of dust and bacteria from carpets that increase the risk of chronic respiratory disease, the building manager team regularly cleans its carpets in depth.

In order to reduce the risk of respiratory infection fever and even respiratory failure caused by legionella carried in the water source, the building’s equipped with methods of controlling legionella in indoor water (and even water tanks) in contact with the human body. In order to ensure the safety of users, the management team regularly inspects and records fire prevention facilities. These daily work and records can ensure the health and safety of its users to the greatest extent, which is also the concern that BREEAM In-Use needs the attention of the building management team.


The Jin Mao Tower achieved the highest level of BREEAM In-Use part 2 certification. Due to earning a rating of Outstanding (87.1%), the skyscraper set a new standard for China’s green and low carbon building. The tenants of the building also benefit, the indoor air pollutants, fresh air volume and noise all meet the requirements of BREEAM, resulting in a very positive environment.

The result of background noise level assessed by the acoustic expert in Jin Mao Tower shows that all the spaces in the building meet the high level standard and the reverberation time of conference room also meet the requirement of code for design of sound insulation of civil buildings.

The building’s energy consumption is monitored and this helps inform future energy consumption, so that it can be planned to improve the energy-saving effect. In addition, the asset is fully sub-metered or occupied by a single tenant. Its carbon emissions are also at relatively low levels among similarly operated buildings around the world.

Through continuous optimisation and improvement of the equipment and management system, including measures such as energy-saving transformation, the building’s operations are continuously improved.

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China JINMAO Group CO., LTD
Building services:
Stephen Gallacher, Harley Haddow
Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences
In-Use International 2015 Part 2 – Management Performance
BREEAM In-Use rating:
Outstanding (87.1%)

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