2840 Junction in Silicon Valley, USA, achieves a BREEAM rating of Good

2840 Junction in Silicon Valley, USA, achieves a BREEAM rating of Good

This two-storey office building in San Jose achieved a BREEAM Good rating, creating a foundation for future sustainability initiatives.


The building has many sustainable features which reduce operational costs, increase the tenant’s comfort and satisfaction, and protect the property against risk. As well as promoting the health and wellbeing of around 200 employees, the project team identified ways to save energy and reduce water use by improving efficiency. The BREEAM In-Use certification process opened the door to discussions about new projects that were a priority to tenants, and further opportunities for cost savings


MetLife Investment Management is leading investment manager that provides solutions such as public fixed income, private capital and real estate to institutional investors worldwide.


2840 Junction was originally built in 1989 and is one of five buildings in a 24-acre campus owned by MetLife Investment Management and managed by Cushman & Wakefield. Since 2014, the building has been occupied by MediaTek USA, Inc., a global leader in the semiconductor industry.

The building boasts a wealth of features to promote wellbeing and sustainable living, including:

  • LED lighting with occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting

  • BMS with controllable programming of HVAC and lighting

  • High efficiency mechanical equipment & boiler with healthy venting

  • Low water usage fixtures

  • Drought tolerant and native plants and trees

  • Large breakroom with seating on adjacent 2,572 SF outdoor balcony

  • Campus shared café and fitness center

  • Large sections of full-height glass and punched glass windows

  • Large trash enclosure accommodates recycling and refuse management

  • Energy efficient roof membrane

  • EV charging stations


The building did not previously have a holistic framework within which to evaluate the occupant wellbeing or environmental performance. BREEAM In-Use provided the performance criteria to assess a broad range of factors across each of the seven categories in Part 1 – Asset Performance.

Tenant-controlled systems

One challenge to implementing sustainability strategies is that the tenant has full control of the building’s systems, including the energy systems, security systems and waste management. The BREEAM In-Use evidence collection process opened the door for discussions of projects prioritized by tenants as well as benchmarking, compliance and opportunities for cost savings.


The building scored 76.92% in Materials and 66.67% in Land Use & Ecology. This reflects the robust design of the building and its grounds, particularly the landscaping and domestic waste enclosure. There were extra points for energy efficient lighting and HVAC equipment which were part of the sustainability improvements made in 2014.

MetLife Investment Management used the BREEAM certification process to guide current and future sustainability initiatives.

Future procurement and management teams will continue to use the BREEAM In-Use sustainability framework at this site as well as any other locations undergoing redesign or improvements.


BREEAM has proved itself with many benefits going beyond the certification process itself. Importantly, the certification was a positive talking point for the client when conducting leasing tours.

Over the long term, the building’s sustainable features brought many significant benefits including lower operational costs, increased tenant comfort and satisfaction, and risk management.

Breana Wheeler, Director of Operations, US, was invaluable in guiding the initial launch. She continued to support the efforts of the management team, which had no prior experience with BREEAM, throughout the process.


MetLife Investment Management
UL (formerly Healthy Buildings, Inc.)
Building manager:
Cushman & Wakefield
MediaTek USA, Inc
BREEAM rating:
Good (54.4%)

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