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Tools for BREEAM practitioners in the USA

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Our Assessors and Advisory Professionals (APs) are built environment sustainability experts at the core of BREEAM’s community and success.

About BREEAM professionals

Through training and examinations, BREEAM professionals have demonstrated that they have the knowledge, skills and experience to support clients to deliver sustainable, healthy, resilient and productive assets using BREEAM.

About BREEAM professionals

Assessors verify asset performance and award the rating to the asset using the relevant BREEAM program and are licensed through their company.

Advisory Professionals (APs) are globally recognized through their individual credential as having the knowledge to provide strategic and technical BREEAM consultancy for their clients.

Read our Guide to BREEAM Professionals which outlines the roles, responsibilities and requirements of the Assessor and Advisory Professional (AP), and the important part each plays in the successful application of the BREEAM standards.

Interested in becoming a BREEAM professional? Check out our training options and learn about the benefits of being a BREEAM professional.

Tools for BREEAM Professionals

Links with other programs

BREEAM is recognised all over the world for it’s credibility and rigour. We have resources for other programs including:

BREEAM In-Use-GRESB alignment, a new resource that allows building owners and operators to seamlessly align BREEAM In-Use with the GRESB Real Estate Assessment to efficiently enable assets to translate asset level data and information to portfolio or organizational reporting through GRESB, supporting the industry’s focus on delivering on ESG commitments.

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BREEAM In-use Platform

The BREEAM In-use platform facilitates the benchmarking and certification to BREEAM In-Use in the US and more than 50 other countries around the world. Clients can give consultants access to their organizational account and asset data. Assessors have their own login to access tools and receive and submit assessments for certification. This is available to licensed USA In-use assessors only.

BREEAM Projects

BREEAM Projects is the online platform for projects pursuing certification under our New Construction or Refurbishment & Fit-Out standards. Creating an account is free and provides access to performance data from certified projects to help communicate strategies, an area where you can create and manage your own portfolio of projects and access to free pre-assessment tools for an early indication of how projects might perform when assessed against BREEAM.

BREEAM Knowledge Base

BREEAM Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base provides clarifications on the technical criteria in BREEAM standards that support clients and BREEAM professionals in applying and certifying their assets using BREEAM.

Fast Track

Fast Track services expedite the return of Quality Assurance feedback to licensed Assessors. Services are by application at the time of submission and subject to availability.



The Pre-Approvals service provides a streamlined approach to assessment and certification where multiple New Construction projects using a standard design and specification.


The BREEAM API provides a technical solution to integrating data from BREEAM certified assets from over 50 countries into your own software, tools or websites.

Share your achievements

Share your achievements

We support our professionals to celebrate their sustainability achievements. Have a story to share or want to learn how to leverage BREEAM in your communications? Email us to access marketing tools or for marketing support.

Train with BREEAM USA

Train with BREEAM USA

Interested in becoming a BREEAM professional? Discover our training options and learn about the benefits of being a BREEAM professional.

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