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Tools for BREEAM professionals

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We have a range of tools to support BREEAM Assessors and Advisory Professionals.

BREEAM Platform: coming soon

BREEAM professionals are built environment sustainability experts. They drive sustainability solutions and provide insights and feedback to help us continually improve the BREEAM framework. BREEAM professionals represent BREEAM, gather valuable data and deliver quality assessments.

BREEAM Platform: coming soon

We are currently working on development of a new BREEAM Platform which will provide access to all BREEAM professionals tools in one place. Until then, you can access all the tools here.

BREEAM Projects

Tools for BREEAM Professionals

BREEAM Projects

BREEAM Projects gives you all the information you’ll need to apply BREEAM to your project. You’ll get:

  • Access to performance data from certified projects to help communicate strategies
  • An area where you can create and manage your own portfolio of projects
  • Access to free pre-assessment tools so you can get an early indication of how your project might perform when assessed against BREEAM.


The BREEAM Pre-Approvals service allows you to submit evidence on multiple projects of the same specification. Where a standard design and specification is used across multiple assets, all evidence can be assessed and audited at once. This helps to streamline the assessment process and make it more efficient to assess whole portfolios.

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The BREEAM Forum is a platform for discussion between BREEAM professionals. Get advice on assessment issues from your peers, share partnership and job opportunities, and showcase your sustainability achievements.

BREEAM Knowledge Base

The BREEAM Knowledge Base provides guidance and compliance notes for BREEAM professionals completing assessments. They are compiled and approved by the BREEAM technical team as a first point of call for BREEAM assessment support.

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Fast Track

The BREEAM Quality Audit (QA) Fast Track service speeds up the QA of BREEAM assessments. This service is subject to availability and available via the Fast Track request form BF1287 available in BREEAM Projects.


The BREEAM Wiki is a centralised library of guidance and best practice created by BREEAM users and other key stakeholders. It’s used to share best practices and lessons learned from using BREEAM.


The BREEAM API allows you to explore BREEAM rating data on thousands of certified building assessments across 50 countries. The data is available to integrate directly with your own tools, websites or software.

Marketing and sales support

Marketing and sales support

The BREEAM community is only as strong as the individuals who make it. Showcasing our achievements and impact helps to expand our influence, reach new markets, grow our commercial opportunities, and continue to drive sustainability success within the built environment.

Marketing tools for BREEAM professionals

Marketing tools

Marketing tools for BREEAM professionals

We have developed marketing and sales tools to support our BREEAM professionals in sharing their achievements and telling the BREEAM story.

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Tell us about your project


Tell us about your project

If you’d like to showcase your achievements on a project, please submit a case study so we can feature it on our website.

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Tell us about your work


Tell us about your work

If you’ve worked on a project you think we should know about, get in touch so we can share your achievements on our website.

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